Culture Audits

Culture Audits

Company culture and Evaluation Platform from Great Place IT Services (GPIT) is built after years of close association with leading HR consulting companies running best workplaces studies and employee engagement consulting. Platform supports end to end people practice, data collection and evaluation work.


GPIT, with more than 8 years of business knowledge in building systems for businesses, has built the Company culture and Evaluation tool that can meet the automation needs of HR consulting companies

Collect Company culture data through a client dashboard
Manage the evaluation process with pre-defined and customizable workflows
Manage Company culture and Employee Comments evaluation
Generate Best Practices library
Customize the entire platform to local language
Manage all client’s data including history and interactions in one tool

Business Benefits

No messy excels and word documents to manage

Simpler client interactions with all communications including supplementary materials online

Completely automated evaluation process cuts down operations costs by 50%

Reduce the risk of data loss and security Supports any size of business with easy scale ups/downs

Frequently asked questions

  • Dashboard for users to track progress
  • Every activity is auto-saved with no data lost
  • Help-text for each section & question
  • Data validation rules ensures clean data
  • People practices and policy data with Word-like features
  • Upload large files securely
  • Download the completed Culture Assessment.
  • Monitor progress through dashboards
  • Culture Assessment forms can be in multiple languages
  • Effectively troubleshoot client problems
  • Set deadlines for Culture Assessment completion


Security & Privacy

We ensure that our applications are SSL enabled and comply with your data sovereignty needs.


Our service promises 99.9% server uptime along with regular backups and archives.


Our applications are capable of horizontal and vertical scaling and support upscale and downscale on short notices.

Comprehensive Support

Our online service desk comes with both email and phone support and flexibly aligns to our customer time zones.