Leadership Intervention Portal

Leadership Intervention Portal

Action Planning Portal supports manager intervention projects for managerial level assets. It helps organizations to increase the productivity of managers by increasing the ability to engage employees and build healthy culture.


Manager Intervention

Manager Intervention Programs are leadership development programs which usually followed by a leadership assessment survey such as 360-degree feedback. It contents 3 level of qualifications Action Plan, Implementation and Impact. After successfully submitting these three, a jury session is carried out where participant showcases their experiences on how they implemented the action plans and what impact these plans have generated. On successful completion of this program, Participants will be Certified.

Business Benefits

Participants engagement through active participation in the process of learning.

Social active communication by sharing actions and impact stories for reduced drop-offs.

Generate engagement reports and track participant progress in real time.

Consultant timing would be reduced considerably and productivity is increased and time is saved.


Security & Privacy

We ensure that our applications are SSL enabled and comply with your data sovereignty needs.


Our service promises 99.9% server uptime along with regular backups and archives.


Our applications are capable of horizontal and vertical scaling and support upscale and downscale on short notices.

Comprehensive Support

Our online service desk comes with both email and phone support and flexibly aligns to our customer time zones.