Create Exceptional Experiences

Customer Experience

A deeper measure of customer experience feedback looks at every aspect of customer life-cycle and journey touchpoints. Ultimately, which results in actionable insights leading to better customer retention and overall growth of the business.

engage Mentor

Employee Experience

Gather employee feedback and make data oriented decisions and focus on key areas to boost employee experience. Align your employees with the company goals, vision and develop proactive leadership.

QaizenX works on creating prolific and innovative experience products and services that cater to every enterprise’s need. With our 10+ experience in the industry, we choose to help organizations gather and act on feedback with the right technology and the right solutions.

QaizenX's Powerful Features


Personalize your survey to reflect your own remarkable style.

Custom Theme

Match with your own style with a fully customized survey. Our builder gives you the ability to change every element of your survey’s theme.

Skip Logic

Change the wording of follow-up questions depending on previous responses, or to edit your survey’s custom variables.


Give questions life by adding emoticons to make the survey more engaging, intuitive, user-friendly
and expressive.

Collecting Response

Multi-Channel Support, Reach a wider audience, and collect more of the data you need

Email & Web Embed

Get actionable feedback by Email or embed to your website.

SMS and WhatsApp

Take real-time feedback by sharing link via SMS and WhatsApp.

QR Code

Scanning QR codes enables gathering feedback easy and hassle-free.

Analyzing Data

Filter your responses based on questions, answers, a certain period, respondent details, degree of completion, and more!

Real Time & Filtered Reports

Get Real time result for your survey in the form.

Advance Analysis

Compare across demographics, cross-tab, text/sentiment analytics.

Schedule & Share Reports

Deliver & Share results among managers at a time frame.

Our Other Products


Product Experience

Make Your Product Ready for a Perfect Launch. Understanding your product’s value proposition and its acceptance by target markets.


Community Experience

Strive for Better Governance by measuring community experience. Understand your community by getting their opinion on various topics.


Workplace Assessment

We bring you ideal workplace assessment tools backed by research and crafted by expert consultants that transform your organization for the better.

Business Benefits

Gather valuable customer insights and deliver great customer service.

Attract and retain talent. Increase engagement. Improve productivity.

Improve product market fit. Increase share of wallet. Decrease time to market.

Enable any use case for Marketing, Product, CS and Leadership with one tool


Security & Privacy

We ensure that our applications are SSL enabled and comply with your data sovereignty needs.


Our service promises 99.9% server uptime along with regular backups and archives.


Our applications are capable of horizontal and vertical scaling and support upscale and downscale on short notices.

Comprehensive Support

Our online service desk comes with both email and phone support and flexibly aligns to our customer time zones.